Posters are great for any business making a statement—defining the walls of your show room, announcing next weekend’s gigs at your nightclub, decorating the walls of your café, or recruiting volunteers for your charity event. Posters are vibrant, eye-catching, and larger-than-life, so they are sure to make a statement. Bright colors, detailed photos, and bold fonts on posters get noticed much more than brochures, flyers, or other advertisements.

At Nova Graphics, you can specify the size of your poster, shape of your poster, and thickness of your poster. We offer thin stock paper posters for one-time, temporary use, all the way up through our canvas prints, which will last a lifetime with proper care. Posters can be glossy or matte, cut to custom shape, and even double sided for hanging at your show booth in any convention.

As always, with Nova Graphics you are guaranteed competitive pricing and the quickest turnaround times. For posters, we can turn around production in as quickly as one day. Give Nova Graphics a call today. One of our staff members would be happy to discuss poster printing with you.